What is the importance of UGR value?
Lighting is often an underestimated component of the company, but it deserves more attention. The productivity and well-being of employees is greatly influenced by lighting. The light must be so clear that people can work, but at the same time should not be blind. Therefore, UGR values are essential in the company.

What factors play a role in determining the UGR value?

Measuring the UGR value depends on certain things. To make a targeted assessment, the following factors play a role:
Shape and size of space
Surface brightness (luminance) of the walls, the ceiling, the floor and other large planes
Type of luminaire and shielding
Distribution of luminaires over space
Observer position

UGR ValueApplication
16Drawing room
19Office works
22Fine industrial work
25Average industrial work
28Circulation areas and corridors
More than 28Harmful and can not be accepted

The UGR value differs by each workplace environment, due to the work actions performed. For example, the UGR value in stairwells is higher, because less time is spent and practically less work is achieved.