Sports Hall LED Lighting

Lighting a multipurpose sports hall

Sports venues designed for multi-sport sports should ensure that the proposed lighting reflects the needs of all sports. Care must be taken to ensure that the lighting design ensures the uniformity of the required lighting, properly illuminated and reflections are minimized. The lighting must be placed in such a way as not to harm the vision of the players and the officials.
The specific visual requirements will depend on the activity. Most gyms must accommodate a variety of activities and sometimes it may be necessary to organize different activities simultaneously to maximize their use. It is normally necessary to design a general lighting system suitable for a wide range of activities and, where appropriate, to include switching devices for different activities, game levels or multiple simultaneous uses.
It is generally recommended that the lighting design be based on the requirements of the highest priority activity, while ensuring that, to the extent possible, all other potential activities are taken into account.

Non-televised Sports hall LED lighting recommendations.

EN121193 RequirementsClass IClass IIClass III
Horizontal illuminance (Lux)750500200
Uniformity (Min/Ave)
Glare Rating606020

Recommendations for televised events
Major events

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