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  • LED street light Moon II-4
  • LED street light Moon II-3
  • LED street light Moon II-2
  • LED street light Moon II-1
  • LED street light Moon II

LED Street Light Moon II Series

LED Street Lights Moon II series be made of pure die-casting aluminum ADC12, the top surface is smooth design and nano-coating. No sand or dust on the top body to ensure the LED street lights with a excellent thermal management.The whole luminaire body it is simple and only one screw to fix the body.The LED street light moon series has passed CE-EMC, CE-LVD, CE-RoHs. And also it be tested by Nvlap lab past LM79 and TM21, to ensure a real high lumen efficacious output and over 50000 hours of lifespan.

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  • Over >110 lm/W be designed to meet and exceed industry performance standards.

  • Special accessories to make it up to IP66 suitable for “Wet Areas” applications.

  • High brightness, stable performance, 50,000 hours long life span, widely used, low power consumption, energy savings and environmental protection.

  • Resistant to corrosion, thermal, shock resistant tempered glass.

  • 304 Stainless steel hexagon socket head cap screw to be easy to maintain.

  • Weatherproof and durable silicon rubber sealing gasket.

  • Instant start, no flickering, Ideal for frequent switching, voltage fluctuation range of big occasions.

LED street light Moon II size

LED street light Moon II size

LED Street Lights applications, LED Road, LED area parking lights.

LED Modular Flood Lights Epsilon

LED Street light Moon II Series Advantages

LED Street light advantages


Top Smooth Sure-face Design

The LED Street Light fixtures are designed to smooth sure-face and nano-coating. No sand or dust on the top body to ensure the LED street lights with excellent thermal management, high thermal conductivity heat dissipation fast, so that the best performance to maintain a low temperature led junction.


Optical Lens alignment science

According to the optical principle, the luminaire is more even in light distribution and has a high light utilization rate.

Adjustable Bracket

The irradiation Angle can be directly adjusted to meet the needs of different road illuminations and people’s needs for illumination Angle.

LED-street-adjustable bracket

LED Street lights Moon II series Beam Angle

led street light photometrics


LED Street Lights LVD

LED Street Lights LVD

LED Street Lights EMC

LED Street lights EMC

Stadium of lights LM79

LED Street lights LM79

LED Street Lights Rohs

LED Street lights RoHs


ModelWattVoltageLumen OutputCCTBeam angleWarranty
WH-ST-M-1-6060160-270VAC 50/60Hz6600lm3000k-6500kType II/Type III/ Type V5 years
WH-ST-M-1-8080160-270VAC 50/60Hz8800lm3000k-6500kType II/Type III/ Type V5 years
WH-ST-M-1-100100160-270VAC 50/60Hz11000lm3000k-6500kType II/Type III/ Type V5 years
WH-ST-M-1-120120160-270VAC 50/60Hz13200lm3000k-6500kType II/Type III/ Type V5 years


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