Project Description

LED Street Lights Fixtures

The LED Street Lights fixture be designed of unique Heat sink to make sure the led street lights can work steady in +40 to -70 degrees.
Scientific and reasonable second light distribution design with best optical distribution and make the lamps output efficiency above 95%.
0.95 High power factor constant current driver, resist Lightning stroke and high input voltage. Quake-proof, Explosion-proof, Dust-proof and Waterproof etc.

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  • >130 lm/W designed to meet and exceed industry performance standards.

  • Special accessories to make it up to IP66 suitable for “Wet Areas” application.

  • High brightness, stable performance, long life span, widely used, low power consumption, energy savings and environmental protection.

  • Resistant to corrosion, Thermal, shock resistant tempered glass.

  • Stainless steel screws to be easy to maintain.

  • Weatherproof and durable silicon rubber sealing gasket.

  • Instant start, no flickering, Ideal for frequent switching, voltage fluctuation range of big occasions.

Street lighting; Highway, park lighting; roadway lighting; fence lighting; pathway lighting; campus lighting; ramp lighting; boat dock lighting; sidewalk lighting; remote area lighting; private road lighting; farm & ranch lighting.
LED Street Lights Fixtures Specification

LED Street Lights Fixture Parameter

ModelWattVoltageLumen OutputCCTBeam angleWarranty
WH-ST-C-8080160-270VAC 50/60Hz12600 lm3000k-6500kType II /Type III5 years
WH-ST-C-100100160-270VAC 50/60Hz16800lm3000k-6500kType II /Type III5 years
WH-ST-C-120120160-270VAC 50/60Hz21000lm3000k-6500kType II /Type III5 years
WH-ST-C-150150160-270VAC 50/60Hz25200lm3000k-6500kType II /Type III5 years