Project Description

LED High bay light 170-180lm per Watt

LED High Bay Light Whirl is unique and compact design. Using pure aluminum material with high heat conduction performance, propeller giant wind cooling structure, light-band optical lens, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation surface treatment. 100W, 150W, 200W, with 140lm/W and 170lm/W high lumen efficiency, which can replace 250W & 400W Metal Halide lamps easily. Different mounting ways are for option. Intelligent control solution is available as well. (Dali, Zigbee , Daylight , Motion , PIR sensor).

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  • From 130 lm/W to 180lm/W designed to meet and exceed industry performance standards.

  • Using imported high-efficiency Philips Lumileds/Cree/OSRAM LED light source, high luminous efficiency, fast heat conduction, high temperature resistance, low light decay, pure light, no ghosting, stable quality, etc.

  • Propeller wind cooling design, heat dissipation area, long-lasting stable wind, so that LED and power in a very comfortable environment, reduce light failure, ensure the power supply life.

  • Air convection design and structure light, three-dimensional, metal, high-tech visual embodiment.

  • 60.90.120 degrees dedicated to the high light distribution optical, lamp type optical design, can not limit the number of LED use, 160lm/w, 180lm/w can be achieved to meet a variety of environments, a variety of height lighting requirements.

  • Weatherproof and durable silicon rubber sealing gasket.

  • Instant start, no flickering, Ideal for frequent switching, voltage fluctuation range of big occasions.

Warehouse lighting, factory lighting, rink lighting.

Whirl LED High bay Video for details

LED High Bay Light Parameter

ModelWattVoltageLumen OutputCCTBeam angleWarranty
WH-UFO-C-100100160-270VAC 50/60Hz17000lm3000k-6500k60°/90°5 years
WH-UFO-C-120120160-270VAC 50/60Hz20400lm3000k-6500k60°/90°5 years
WH-UFO-C-150150160-270VAC 50/60Hz25500lm3000k-6500k60°/90°5 years
WH-UFO-C-200200160-270VAC 50/60Hz34000lm3000k-6500k60°/90°5 years
WH-UFO-C-240240160-270VAC 50/60Hz40800lm3000k-6500k60°/90°5 years