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LED Garden Lights

The LED Garden Lights adopts pure die-cast aluminum, which has better heat dissipation performance, increased service life, and high luminous flux maintenance. Therefore, it has greater advantages in energy saving and environmental protection. Secondly, the radiation of infrared lamps and ultraviolet rays will be much smaller than that of traditional products. It will not cause any pollution to the external environment during production and use. This is also the outdoor led courtyard. The lamp has excellent energy saving and environmental protection features.

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  • Top flat design, convenient assembly and disassembly, maintenance is more convenient and quick.

  • The radiator adopts pure die-casting aluminum alloy material, and the structure heat dissipation performance is efficient and good.

  • The lamp body has multiple anti-shock structures with strong anti-collision and impact force.

  • Full power free serialization, full solution needs.

  • Product color can be customized according to customer requirements.

LED Garden lighting.

LED Garden Lights Advantages

LED garden lights have been developed into the 21st century and are widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, plazas, private gardens, courtyard corridors, and other public places. The safety of people traveling at night is used to increase the time for people to spend outdoor activities and improve the safety of life and property. It can also change people’s moods, improve people’s emotions, and change people’s ideas to create a light and dark palette-like night. During the day, the garden lights can be used to embellish the city landscape; at night, the courtyard lamps can provide the necessary lighting and living convenience, increase the sense of security of the residents, and highlight the highlights of the city and express the bright style.

LED Garden light IP66

LED Garden Lights Beam Angle

Type III

90×90 °



LED Street Lights LVD

LED Street Lights LVD

LED Street Lights EMC

LED Street lights EMC

Stadium of lights LM79

LED Street lights LM79

LED Street Lights Rohs

LED Street lights RoHs


ModelWattVoltageLumen OutputCCTBeam angleWarranty
WH-GD-3030160-270VAC 50/60Hz3600lm3000k-6500k80×150°/90×90°/120×120°5 years
WH-GD-5050160-270VAC 50/60Hz6000lm3000k-6500k80×150°/90×90°/120×120°5 years
WH-GD-100100160-270VAC 50/60Hz12000lm3000k-6500k80×150°/90×90°/120×120°5 years
WH-GD-120120160-270VAC 50/60Hz14400lm3000k-6500k80×150°/90×90°/120×120°5 years


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