Project Description

  • LED Canopy Light 200w
  • LED Canopy Light 150W
  • LED Canopy Light -1
  • LED Canopy Lights 100w
  • LED Canopy Light 100w
  • LED Canopy Light 40W
  • LED Canopy Lights 50W
  • LED Canopy Light 50W

LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy lights are designed for gas station lighting. Traditional gas station lights often use 250W, 400W metal halide lamps, or induction lamps, metal halide lamps and other 360-degree illumination, a huge waste of the loss of light causes energy. Therefore, the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, environmentally friendly LED Canopy lights is of great significance for urban lighting energy conservation. Gas station lighting is closely related to people’s lives. LED Canopy lights gradually enter people’s field of vision with LEDs with directional illumination, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long service life, and environmental protection. It has become the new generation of the energy-saving light source in the world that has the advantage of replacing the traditional light source. Therefore, LED Canopy lights will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation of gas station lighting, and it is also the trend of the times.

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  • Module independent design, convenient assembly and disassembly, maintenance is more convenient and quick.

  • The module size is standardized, the versatility is strong, the assembly is flexible, and the matching requirements are more convenient.

  • The radiator adopts the national standard 6063 aluminum alloy material, and the structure heat dissipation performance is efficient and good.

  • The lens is made of high light transmission PC material, dustproof and waterproof, multi-angle optional, uniform light distribution.

  • The lamp body has multiple anti-shock structures with strong anti-collision and impact force.

  • Full power free serialization, full solution needs.

  • Product color can be customized according to customer requirements.

LED gas station lighting .

LED Canopy Lights Advantages

The main purpose of customers visiting the petrol station is to refuel and they will have a short stay. The prominent oil station lighting will attract the driver’s attention, and the comfortable lighting will make them willing to make a short break. If the petrol station meets their expectations, they will patronize next time. This is a human characteristic. Uncomfortable gas station lighting fixtures can glare drivers (especially those who have just entered the gas station from a dark road environment), creating glare problems that are not only an unpleasant problem but also potentially Dangerous. Low-quality lighting is not only bad for the gas station business but also reduces employee productivity.

LED Canopy Lights advantages

LED Canopy Lights Beam Angle

LED canopy light beam angle


LED Street Lights LVD

LED Street Lights LVD

LED Street Lights EMC

LED Street lights EMC

Stadium of lights LM79

LED Street lights LM79

LED Street Lights Rohs

LED Street lights RoHs


Model Watt Voltage Lumen Output CCT Beam angle Warranty
WH-GS-50 50 160-270VAC 50/60Hz 5500lm 3000k-6500k 80×150°/90×120°/90×120°/90°/60° 5 years
WH-GS-100 100 160-270VAC 50/60Hz 11000lm 3000k-6500k 80×150°/90×120°/90×120°/90°/60° 5 years
WH-GS-150 150 160-270VAC 50/60Hz 16500lm 3000k-6500k 80×150°/90×120°/90×120°/90°/60° 5 years
WH-GS-200 200 160-270VAC 50/60Hz 13200lm 3000k-6500k 80×150°/90×120°/90×120°/90°/60° 5 years


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