LED Street Lights Fixtures 3000K in road applications. 

LED Street Lights Fixtures Moon Series LED is used pure die-casting aluminum with excellent heat thermal management, oil painting for the body to suit for the raining environment. To reach high lumen efficiency we used Philip Lumileds 3030 with Philip Driver. The lifespan could be reached over 50000 hours for LED driver and 100000 hours for LEDs. 

Also for our LED Street Lights Fixtures Moon series lights have kinds of distribution curve flux, such as typeII, typeIII, type IV and type V. 


Some of the LED street lights on the street emit yellow light, and some emit white light. In our impression, the LED street lights in the city are generally emitting warm yellow light, and the LED street lights on a small part of the road are emitting white light. Why is this? In fact, the difference between yellow light and white light is the choice of the color temperature of LED street lights.
How much color temperature should LED street lights use?
Well, WORLDNAD Engineers the LED street lamp manufacturers will briefly talk about this issue with everyone.

The color temperature of the LED street lamp is white light emitted at around 5000K, and yellow light or warm white light at around 3000K. In fact, about 3000K yellow light or warm white light is more suitable for road lighting, and the color temperature of LED street lights around 5000K is not suitable for road lighting. Because the color temperature of 5000K will make people visually very cold and dazzling, which will lead to excessive fatigue of people’s vision, and under this color temperature condition, people’s ability to observe distantly will also decrease, reducing driver’s driving safety. In addition, in the rain and fog weather, the LED street light of 5000K color temperature has poor penetrating ability, which also affects the safety of pedestrians. So why do you still have a lot of LED street lights that use this color temperature?

  • First, in the early days of LED street lights, many LED street lamp manufacturers have chosen a color temperature of about 5000K, which has led many manufacturers to follow suit.
  • Second, under the early conditions of phosphor technology, the LED street light of the cool white light source has higher luminous efficiency.
  • Third, today’s LED street lights to lack strict technical standards in terms of product specifications.

The above three reasons have led to the LED street lights of 5000K color temperature in the market, which is not a good thing for pedestrians. In short, Worldhand Technology believes that the 3000K warm color LED street light has an advantage, and has a user experience compared to the 5000K color temperature. Want to improve this situation LED street lamp manufacturers should recommend a lot of warm color temperature to the engineering company, the engineering company itself must also change the old idea of LED street light exclusive white light.