Heatsink for LED

Car aluminum, need to open aluminum profile drawing die

Die casting radiators to require open-die molding

Cold forging radiator requires open forging die

If the price of the same shape product is divided into high, medium and low, the price of the die casting mold is high, the price of the forging die is moderate, and the price of the profile drawing die is low.

If the product of the same shape, the processing cost is divided into superior, medium and low, the profile machine is expensive, the die casting price is moderate, and the forging price is relatively cheap.

Material costs die casting for the ADC12 price is relatively cheap. Machine added and forging materials are more expensive A6063 price will be more expensive.

Aluminum profile machining (car aluminum) to make LED radiators (usually the shape of the sunflower), the material used A6063 material.

The advantage is the case that the heat dissipation effect of the product is relatively good, and the surface treatment of the finished product such as anodization is relatively easy. The mold making cycle is usually 10-15 days, and the mold price is inexpensive.

The disadvantage is that the later machining costs are higher and output is lower.

LED heat sink is made by die casting, and the material is mostly selected from ADC12 material.

The advantages are lower processing costs and high productivity if the mold allows the production of radiators of various shapes.

Disadvantages: high mold cost, long mold production cycle, usually takes 30 to 45 days.

LED heat sinks made with cold forging can theoretically be accompanied by any material.

The advantages are minimal processing cost and high production capacity. The mold making cycle is usually 10-15 days, and the mold price is inferior.

The disadvantage is that due to the limitations of the forging process. It is impossible to produce complex products.

If the product usage is small, it is best to use the machine addition method.

Die-casting is recommended for large product sizes and complex shapes.

The product is considerable in quantity and simple in shape. Cold forging is recommended.