Indoor Basketball Lighting

Lighting an outdoor basketball/multi-sports court

Basketball playgrounds designed for multiple sports should ensure that the proposed lighting takes into account the needs of all sports that will be played. Care must be taken to ensure that the lighting design produces the uniformity of the required lighting and that the brightness and light pollution are minimized.
If the playing field is going to be used at night and night; it may be advisable to provide a lighting system with projectors with lighting towers possibly with light directed towards the mid-line of free throws; This will avoid glare problems for players from the margin. Proper care must be taken to distribute lighting as evenly as possible on the playing field; The lighting capacity must be adjustable according to the requirements and, when appropriate, the different competitions that are carried out.

Outdoor playing court lighting recommendations.

EN121193 RequirementsClass IClass IIClass III
Horizontal illuminance (Lux)50020075
Uniformity (Min/Ave)
Glare Rating505055

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