Worldhand is a leading manufacturer of advanced specification LED luminaires for warehouses, storage facilities and manufacturing operations around the world.

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The best LED warehouse lighting addresses four important lighting issues, including performance, visibility, beam uniformity and safety. Worldhand’s LED lighting fixtures offer significant advantages over high-pressure sodium, metal halide or fluorescent technology, and are the highest in terms of energy efficiency and instrument operating temperature.


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LED High bay Lights
LED High bay lights
LED High bay Lights


As energy costs rise, industrial facility managers are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency without losing the light quality of their facilities. Fortunately, the latest advances in Worldhand’s LED warehouse lighting technology have brought unparalleled thermal management, energy efficiency and optical customization to the warehouse lighting market.


We have pioneered the cutting-edge design of warehouse industrial LED lighting to achieve unprecedented levels of thermal management and heat dissipation. Our proprietary bi-folded aluminum fin technology creates more surface area for effective heat sinks and extends the life of warehouse lighting fixtures. With a full range of LED lighting color castings per watt lumens more than any other warehouse lighting technology, Worldhand’s warehouse LED lighting solutions create a safer, more efficient environment for workers and save energy costs for facility management.


When your warehouse or storage facility is ready to reduce energy costs through more efficient LED lighting, please contact Worldhand’s team of expert designators and engineers. Our years of experience in improving LED warehouse lighting technology have made us an excellent resource for your planning projects. Welcome to the next generation of industrial warehouse led lighting.